Stay Gold
Our Coffee

Freshness is the most important thing in coffee – drinking immediately after pouring, grinding the beans just before the making and of course the freshness of the beans roasting. Our coffee blend called “Stay Gold”; beyond the many meanings relating to the color and richness of the coffee blend, the name embodies purity and innocence, as there are those who true to himself.

We chose four types of coffee beans from the Arabica species that grow in Brazil, Central America and Sumatra. Although these beans are considered more refined than the rough Robusta beans, there’s no good espresso without the last. Our “Stay Gold” contains about 20% Kopi-Luwak type Robusta beans from India. These are considered to be the best quality Robusta beans in the world that gives the coffee its special tastes and highlighted-aromatic Crema.

And have we already mentioned the freshness?